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Surveys and valuations

Buying a property is probably the biggest financial decision you are likely to make, so let our team at James Slater & Co help you.

Surveys provide essential information to help you make your decision. They form a large part of our workflow. All our surveys are produced according to RICS guidelines, addressing each area of the building.

Building surveys

We can offer two main types of survey, the RICS Home Buyer's Survey and Valuation, suitable for smaller properties and many modern houses.

The full Building Survey is more comprehensive and is essential to the purchaser of older and more complex properties.

Valuations are used for sales, probates and legal matters and our team always provide our clients with appropriate advice in each individual case.

We can offer:

• Building survey
• Structural survey
• Measured and land survey
• Home Buyer's Survey and Valuation
• Major Defects Survey

building surveys and valuations - Cheltenham - James Slater & Co - building surverys and valuations available

Buying a property? For professional, friendly and no obligation advice on building surveys, call us on
01285 650 686

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